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Caring for the trees in your garden

Ivy Removal

Ivy removed from trees to improve the appearance and aid the health of your tree. We have a cherry picker available for use on clearing houses of ivy – again improve the appearance of your house and avoid damp being trapped next to the brickwork.

Removal of storm damage

A tree damaged in a storm can become extremely dangerous and unsound. Our team are fully trained in the safe removal of damaged trees, ensuring you don't have to worry or do the work yourself.

Disease diagnosis & treatment

Trees are vulnerable to disease just like us. Sometimes it's easy to diagnose and treat the problem yourself but sometimes specialist treatment is required. We're happy to come and look at your problems and treat them if necessary.

Preservation orders and firewood


Services available

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Whatever questions you have regarding tree surgery or tree care call us today and we'll be happy to offer you advice or arrange a free no obligation quote.

TPO on your tree?

A TPO (tree protection order) needn't be prohibitive to work being carried out. We can help you with all the relevant documentation and approvals.

Whilst we endeavour to recycle all our green waste to the power industry, we always have high quality, seasoned hardwood logs available for purchase.

• Ivy removal

• Removal of storm damaged trees

• Disease diagnosis & treatment

• Seasoned hardwood firewood

• Tree protection order negotiations

However new or well established the trees on your property are they can sometimes need a little extra care. Disease can strike and it's often hard to know what to do. Trees can become choked by ivy which can be difficult and dangerous to remove effectively. Storm damage can render trees unsafe. C. E. Wilkinson Tree Surgery of Welwyn, Hertfordshire can help with these and many other problems. Take a look at our gallery of previous work.

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