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Tree Surgery - arborology

Crown reduction, thinning

and raising

These 3 techniques are used to enhance existing trees. They are designed to improve the look of your trees, promote healthy growth, stop over growing and allow more light to reach both inner branches and the ground beneath the tree.

Confined space felling

The felling of trees in restricted spaces, usually near outbuildings or houses. Trees are felled in sections and lowered to the ground. This procedure is carried out by professionals ensuring correct techniques and safety.

Stump grinding

We have a range of three RAYCO stump grinding machines available. The equipment is used to remove stumps of any shape and size. The stump will be ground down to approximately 12” below ground level allowing planting or hard landscaping on the area.

Safety and knowledge


Tree care

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All tree surgery should be carried out by qualified specialists to ensure safety. We're fully qualified to undertake all tree surgery work.

Our services include:

• All aspects of tree work

• Tree felling

• Stump grinding

• Crown reduction/thinning/raising

• Specialists in conifers

• Dead wooding

• Hedge cutting/removal/replanting

We also offer a tree care service. We can help diagnose and treat disease, offer advice on suitable planting and remove ivy.

Tree surgery (or arborology to give it its correct name) is an ancient and skilled trade. Here at C. E. Wilkinson Tree Surgery in Welwyn, Hertfordshire, we're proud to be keeping this ancient craft alive. Your garden, big or small probably has a tree in it. Should you have problems (structural or otherwise) we can deal with them safely and correctly. We offer a wide range of services, to a wide variety of customers, including schools, churches and local authorities. See our list below. Want a free no obligation quote? Contact us today.

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